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Philippines, Quezon City
Joined: 2012-08-18 18:34:02Last visit: 2014-11-06 16:20:06 Birth: 1966-05-04Age: 52Sign:  Taurus
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About myself,

I’m a teacher in my profession.  At this point of time, one of my family was discovered this company last July 2011. She has some products that shared to me named “spirulina" inside the box that’s form of capsule.  Definitely I accepted because at that time I suffered a lot of pain to my body maybe because I undergone for operation five times already about my cyst in my left limb.Actually she never explained where did it came from or what is the benefit of it. When I asked about the product given to me she told me just take it because it's good for your health. Then I felt good to my body that I never tired. The next other day she brought me in the company office in Boni, Mandaluyong.

There I learned about the goodness of this products or the benefit of it. Knowing about the background of the company it stabled and many years they’ve been existed that since they started the owner now our CEO DIDIER LADRIERE is the third generation already.  This business is not a corporation but a family owned business.  At that moment I impressed too much because of the stability of the company and transparency about them.  This company is the DLANATURALS .I found out that they have many products with quality that I felt very good to myself.

Talking about legalities they have all certificates. What are they?  They are the sequence.  (SEC) or Security Exchange Commission REG.NO.AF9906526, License to Operate: RDIII-RIII-F-1964, Certificate of Product Registered FR-82549 and many more as you will continue to search you can find it later. At that time I decided to join and registered my name to start my own business.  I studied about their marketing plan and knowing more about their products. It's really good effect especially that I needed it to myself. I started to have my direct selling at the same time building a network with my family and friends. I'm successfully did this business because as long as you have a teachable heart, that willing to listen and learn on how to do the business you will understand everything. Now my sister in law and my brother decided to do the business seriously together with my family member.

We invested our money to this company because we believed that we will gain more than to put the money in the bank if we will go to compare it.  Just imagine how much only we gained if we deposit our money.  So they decided to have a center in our place.  So maybe to everyone who is reading already about this, and you like to involve in our company don't hesitate to call or email. Me, as myself I will help you to build your own business you will learn everything here.

The advantages to have this business you don't have any boss and the best, no age limit as long as you have capital you can do it that you will not be stressed to do the task because you are the boss to yourself and manager by yourself.  My category here, I am a business associate in this company of" DLANATURALS” since July 2011 until to this present. This is our own website that everyone is very much welcome if you like.  Just try to inform us, as I displayed my profile and the information of our company. Thank you and God bless to every one of us.