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Payment system is now online

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We are proud to announce a completion of our online payments system.

Now, there are two payment options available, coinstar wire, and paypal / credit card. Coinstar is a convenient way of sending money for Filipino, and may also suit other customers who haven't yet a credit card, or debit card. Paypal is widely supported and also provides ways of protecting the customers and sellers. Upon proceeding with the order, the two options will appear as follows:

When choosing PayPal / Credit card, you will be taken to next step, where you will see a 'buy now' button you'll need to click and the paypal site will open. Note, that shipping address will be automatically obtained from PayPal, you will review it as you make the transaction. Be cautious so that it will match the selected region, as there are different shipping rates for Metro Manila, Other regions and International shipping. There are also certain limitations apply to PayPal, if you have an unverified account, or just paying with credit card, the maximum transaction amount will be limited, and it may prompt to sign up for PayPal and verify the account before you'll be able to proceed. Transactions under 500$ are unlikely to be rejected, but that also depends for different countries.

Coinstar payment will require you to specify your shipping address before proceeding to next step, and then, when done with that, you will see your invoice id and the amount. Before the order may be processed, it will require you to enter the control number as given by coinstar branch, assuming you have already made a payment. At the bottom of the page you will see the beneficiary credentials, write them down as well, and make the payment for specified amount, and then go to your orders, open your last order and enter the control number there. It will show the status as pending, and once we recieve the payment we will process the order. The wire is instant but may take up to one hour to complete, and costs about 8€ per 100€ transaction, for precise rates please contact your local branch.

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