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Concept of DLA 2013 new year party

News submited by:

The DLA new year party is open to all distributors and guests. This celebration aims to bring unity and prosperity among all the distributors and prospect business partners nationwide.

It is scheduled for 11 January 18:00, place to be announced.


  1. Ticket will be sold to all distributors and guests at 600 pesos each.
  2. One ticket is equivalent to Kaffe Latte / Choco Life.
  3. To determine the number of guests on the event day, and to know where to book for a venue, top uplines/distributors must submit a list of names who will attend the gathering, therefore regestration is needed.
  4. There will be an on-line registration, the DLA Boni office will server as the main registration area, also all the DLA shops and Mega center may accept the Registration of attendees. Registration in provinces is in centers/ DLA shops we will send to them the tickets so that they could sell to their members (once we recieved the lists of their possible attendies) - payments must be remitted to company account on or before December 10, 2012.
  5. All active center owners nationwide are encoraged to participate and register, and must submit the list of their expected attendees, and to be followed up by Dla Marketing Manager.
  6. Deadline for submission of names of attendees will be on October 30, 2012.
  7. The cut-off period for ticket payment will be on December 11, 2012. All payments and collections from centers nationwide will be endorsed to DLA main registration area. Once payment have been made in DLA account, please coordinate and inform Mr. Dennies Cejeres - Accounting / Manager.
  8. There will be 5 competing teams for the event. Namely:

    1. Team Davao
    2. Team Cagayan De Oro
    3. Team Manila
    4. Team Pampanga
    5. Team Cebu
  • In the event that another big group may develop, or newly join in the company, the competing teams may increase.
  • Themes, rules and mechanics for the competion will be released as soon as we finalize the dealine for the attendees.
  • To encourage more participants from Visayas and Minadanao a promo must be launched.

Promo mechanics:

For members of Visayas and Mindanao flight ticket and 1 overnight stay will be paid by the company. Qualification per head is 15,000 PV accumulated from September 1st until December 31th. PV calculated from personal pv and or registration of new members during the period. 1 new mebmber = 750 PV. You may qualify by conbining direct registration + personal pv.

  • However, the qualifier for the said promo is still required to pay for the ticket.
  • The company will arrange for the plane ticket and hotel accomodations for all the qualifiers.
  • The company will announce all who qualified from Visayas and Mindanao on December 5, 2012 through social networks, website and sms.

Program will include the following:

  1. National anthem
  2. Opening prayer
  3. Grand opening, entrance of the Dla Top management personnel together with the top leaders from provincial delegates.
  4. Raffle draw.
  5. Awarding for the winners of Gemstone Award, Jetset Award, Topnotchers in Mega Center, Service Centers, Best in personal sales, Best in direct sponsorship, Best in costume for male and female.
  6. Awarding of best in group competition.
  7. Special perfomances, maybe one dance number and two song numbers with unique perfomance. The details to be announced.
  8. Message from the CEO / chairman of DLA
  9. Message from the vice president of DLA
  10. Games
  11. Prizes
  • Program sequence and details will be released when everything is setteled and final.
  • Total running time of the program will be based upon the final approved proposal.

Suppliers for the events:

1. Venue [at least 1500-2000 guests] 7. Photographer
2. Caterer 8. Videographer
3. Sound system 9. Printing
4. Lights 10. Emcee
5. Stage / prop / decorations 11. Performers
6. Event organizers 12. Band

This proposal is a subject for comment change, modification, alteration and for further approval.