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Business Opportunity:

Do you know how to make business?

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Traditional business assumes a lot of caution, capital and legalities, and will always look daunting for the want to be enterpreneurs.

Many people simply fall short of ideas or money, and end up selling vegetables in the market, or otherwise bind themselves to a store or 'kainan' they proudly erect or attach to their house. Well, of course, food is the 1st necessity that everyone needs, but if you want to make money out of it, you've got to be a wholesaler. If all you can offer is a local store, then good luck, because there are probably dozens of stores on your street already, and it may take years of hard labor to return your investment.

-Pabili nga ice-kendy, eto po yung dalawang piso. -Pabili yung Fortune, tatlo.
-Paload nya po 15 pesos.

So, are you ready to open a store? No thanks! There are surely better things you can do...

Here is a better way to do it...

What we offer is quite different. Our main product is spirulina, a natural medicine, and a medicine is a second necessity after the food.

It is what people are willing to pay for, unlike for the other saturated markets such as food industry, cloth or houseware, that other networkers are trying to penetrate in vain. No networking business can compete with saturated markets. Thus the only stategy to monetize it remains the scum, and that is why many poeple hate network marketing, especially when they've already fallen into something.

For the successful long-term networking though, the production has to be effective, unique and demanded, and this is exactly what DLA Naturals provides.

The biggest difference.

Although there are many spirulina brands available through mlm, that essentially copying our ideas, what they cannot copy is the production.

Our spirulina is exclusively grown and harvested in Subic, under our own greenhouse plantations, and with the best equipment available. We have our own factory, which also uses only the latest developments of processing machinery, and what we can really brag about is transparency. That is why our spirulina actually heals people, while the spirulina of others doesn't even melt in the water. Just go to the Manson or Mercury, and see it yourself.

If you want to see our plantations and factory, just call us and we will arrange a free trip to Subic for you!

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