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Products of DLA Naturals Inc.

We are an unshakable leader among many manufacturers of natural products and remedies in Philippine market. Our products are designed to bring you joy and a healthy long living, providing the means to aid you within, and on the outside. What makes us so special? The secret of DLA Naturals is the highest concern for the quality, as we have our own factory and spirulina plantations, complying with strictest standards.

Although spirulina finds a very wide recognition, its effectiveness largely depends on producer, and that is why, our customers keep coming back to us even after trying a number of different brands from other makers. Spirulina is proven to enhance immune system, digestion and overall health, and for some patients it even appears to be the only thing that works. Now aside from spirulina, DLA Naturals has got a big variety of products... We've got even more specific health solutions, to treat the hormonal, blood, respiratory problems, for instance, and many more. Finally we've got the beauty creams to make people bright, beverages to make you slim and give you delight, and oils refined - for the exquisite ones... Discover it!

Health Care - Live Longer! ...See all
Health care section is like your first aid... All of these products you see contain spirulina (except oleogel), but the regular green box, is our most beloved product, being a purest form of spirulina it works great for general use. It is highly beneficial for almost anyone, and yet offered at a competitive price...
Body Care - You deserve beauty! ...See all
Here you will find body creams for complete care and nourishment of your skin. Anti-aging, moisturizing and whitening - great for everyday use and ehnancing to your looks! We've got daily creams for both day and night use, that give protection and make lifting. When regularly used...
Beverages - Refreshing and fascinating! ...See all
Our beverages are noteworthy for benefiting the body: Berry Nice is made of different fruits and is full of vitamins to sustain our daily need, Brazilian Look is exclusively helpful for weight loss - try it, and you will be amazed how it keeps you regular and reduces the appetite. Our coffee isn't ordinary too...
Baking - Just bake it! ...See all
These baking products are actually fruit jams and syrups that you can use to flourish your cakes, pancakes, and pies. They are easy to use and are also economical, so if you like sweets and cooking, you should probably try one of these...
Aroma Therapy All | Serum | Massage | Diffusion ...See all
Aroma therapy is an art of combining the essential oils extracted from plants for healing as well as altering one's mind. All kinds of natural oils are being used, and each of them has its own bouqet of effects. Essential oils is what gives the fragrance to the flowers, and hence its other use is perfume...

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