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Health Care products of DLA Naturals

Health care section is like your first aid... All of these products you see contain spirulina (except oleogel), but the regular green box, is our most beloved product, being a purest form of spirulina it works great for general use. It is highly beneficial for almost anyone, and yet offered at a competitive price, if we take the quality into consideration. Other packages come with additional enzymes and vitamins, they were designed to target more narrow conditions, such as digestive, blood, hormonal and respiratory problems. We hope you'll find the products that suit your need.

The traditional medicine is a great achievement in our century, helping millions of people every day to cope with different situations, but sometimes the pharmaceutical drugs just aren't helpful. While their aim is to fight against sickness, the aim of natural remedies is to achieve the state of healthiness. The choice is upon you. Know, that a cultivated, robust spirulina can really make difference and even compete with pharmaceutics, being able to enhance your strength, while also cleansing and healing the body. It's just worth trying if you haven't already, and certainly you'll end up loving it too.

Spirulina Platensis
Quantity: 70 capsules
Price: 840.00 peso
Spirulina is a powerful tonic and immune stimlant. It improves immune function and enhances the body's ability to generate new blood cells, as well as accelerating regeneration. It produces a cleansing effect, improving the digestion and removing the accumulated toxins from our body. It also provides a range of nutrients and micro-elements which are commonly lacked...
Spirulina Tablets
Quantity: 40 grams
Price: 787.00 peso
What is the difference between spirulina in tablets and capsules? Our tablets package is designed especially for kids; these are a smaller and easier to ingest. The same time you can maintain the intake amounts more precisely. It's fine to give even to one-two years old babies, not in big amounts of course. You may also crash them and mix up with the food...
Spiruzyme R
Quantity: 50 capsules
Price: 850.00 peso
Spiruzyme R treats a range of respiratory and lungs conditions. It helps to remove the accumulated phlegm or mucus from the lungs and throat. Good against any type of cough, beneficial for smokers and asthmatics, and provides a strong protection against viral lung infections...
Ingredients: Serrapeptase, Spirulina...
Spiruzyme C
Quantity: 50 capsules
Price: 850.00 peso
Spiruzyme C is a food supplement helping to cleanse and dissolve the accumulated plaque in the arteries. Spiruzyme C contains spirulina platensis and Vitamin C helping to purify the blood. The enzyme Nattokinase dissolves naturally the accumulated plaque in vessels and arteries...
Ingredients: Nattokinase...
Spiruzyme D
Quantity: 50 capsules
Price: 850.00 peso
Spiruzyme D is a food supplement with essentials digestives enzymes helping to: Cleanse the digestive system ⁍ Build a healthy digestion ⁍ Reduce hyperacidity ⁍ Accelerate the digestion process ⁍ Decrease stomach bloating...
Ingredients: Spirulina, Vegpanzyme.
Quantity: 50 capsules
Price: 850.00 peso
Spirustamin is a food supplement helping to promote the production of hormones by the body. It contains Spirulina platensis and various herbs acting as promoters of hormone production. It is an efficient stamina and libido enhancer for both male and female...
Ingredients: Catuaba, Epimedium, Muira Puama, Spirulina...
Quantity: 80 oleogels
Price: 850.00 peso
Oleogel is a natural remedy against colds, cough, running nose and sore throat. It is made of pure oregano extract, having a mild mint taste and causing a soothing effect. Oregano essential oil is a broad spectrum bactericide and antiviral that also has a protective effect against infections. Oregano has been known for long time and historically used in Greece...

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