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Beverages of DLA Naturals

Our beverages are noteworthy for benefiting the body: Berry Nice is made of different fruits and is full of vitamins to sustain our daily need, Brazilian Look is exclusively helpful for weight loss - try it, and you will be amazed how it keeps you regular and reduces the appetite. Our coffee isn't ordinary too, it has a lovely latte taste, mixed with tonkat ali and spirulina to enhance your strength even more. Finally, choco drink is a nice way to sweeten your moment - kids love it, and yet it's one of the healthiest drinks, carrying healthy herbs exctracts within it.

Berry Nice
Quantity: 20 Saches
Price: 660.00 peso
Berry Nice is a complete juice mix that is rich in vitamins. It contains a selection of fruits loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients. This refreshing beverage is deal for the whole family...
Ingredients: Acai Fruit, Apple Flavor, Camu Camu, Cane Sugar, Cranberry Fruit, Goji Fruit, Sucralose.
Brazilian Look
Quantity: 30 Saches
Price: 660.00 peso
Brazilian Look is a complete juice mix that helps control appetite naturally. This juice mix also provides the weight-loss benefits of Yerba Mate, Cranberry, and Camu-Camu...
Ingredients: Apple Flavor, Camu Camu, Cha De Bugre, Cranberry Juice, Maltodextrine, Sucrose, Yerba Mate.
Quantity: 20 Saches
Price: 460.00 peso
Chocolife is a complete cocoa drink mix that helps body fight the effects of free radicals. Containing other important ingredients like Spirulina, Yerba Mate, Goji Berry and Acai Berry. Chocolife provides more health benefits than any other cocoa drink available in the market today...
Quantity: 20 saches
Price: 498.00 peso
KafeLatteis a premium anti-stress coffee, that brings a unique, smooth latte taste, flavoured with herbal extracts known to increase stamina and relieve stress. This coffee may even improve your health, as it contains spirulina of our own harvest and is quite balanced on ingredients. This is the most sellable product among our beverages, and offers the best of what...

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