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About spirulina

Spirulina is a microscopic green-blue alga that lives in the alkaline waters. It provides a highly valuable nutritional content, also mainly consisting of protein. Although there are many different kinds of algae, most of them are not edible, nor having any significance, but spirulina is one of the exceptions. Initially it has been harvested by scooping the floating formations from the lakes' surface, but now it is being widely cultivated in ponds, that results in more purity....learn more


Spirulina is already well-known for its health benefits, and the more and more studies are being conducted. Both in-vivo and in-vitro studies show significant potential to use as a treatment for a range of conditions and diseases, that even includes cancerogenesis. Among the benefits, it also acts as a strong immune stimulator, hence activating the defenses of our own bodies against different pathogens. This healing action is not only attributed to the four pigments. ...learn more


Our key advantages are first of all the location, that provides an ideal climate for growth of spirulina, and the quality concern. We provide only the best supply, controlling the amount of production to closely meet the demand, instead of hoarding and bargaining it unlike some dishonest producers. That is why our spirulina is always fresh and robust. The factory is equiped with the latest technology and provides a superb quality spirulina, of a very rich color. ...learn more


The testimonies of spirulina are innumerable, and have been written in most of the spoken languages. Though, it's often hard to distinguish for trustworthiness, so it's best to hear from someone in person about his or her experience. But if you've already made your research, and know quite a bit of spirulina you will not be surprised to hear some interesting stories. Right now we are collecting the testimonies from our direct clients and friends who have been using our spirulina.