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The official distributor of DLA Naturals, Philippines
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Our Production:

What makes us different?

First of all, our advantage is a location. Philippines is a tropical country, meaning there is no winter, but the temperature rises up to 31°C throughout the year, and that's exactly what spirulina needs to grow robust and abundant. In many other places, the temperature fluctuates upon the seasons, and that impacts the quality of production. For us - it is always the season, so we don't have to stack the product to let it stale over time, but harverst our spirulina daily, and after refining, packing it right away.

Secondly, our farms are fully covered by greenhouses, that not only help to keep the right climate, but also provide the protection against pests and polution, as well as from rain. It must be noted, that the rainwater has an acidic PH, so an exposure to rain will always harm spirulina, as they only tolerate an alkaline condition. And unlike spirulina harvested from the open-air farms, ours is cultivated under strict and controlled conditions, also being free from any kinds herbicides, preservatives and other additives.

Dla spirulina has a deep green-blue color, and that is a sign of robust and finest quality product, preserving an extremely high amount of pigments which are resposible for its benefits. We are proud to deliver this finest spirulina to our users, and we are confident with our highest quality level of production. 

We never have to stock our supplies beyond two months span, because we never produce more than being demanded. That way we can ensure the freshness and concentrate on the quality. As of now our ponds are limited to 800m2 and more are bing built to meet the future demand.

You can see for yourself our factory and plantations, for that just contact us and we will arrange a free trip to Subic for you, as per company's policy.

...We do it for fun!

DLA Naturals' Spirulina plantations

DLA Spirulina Farm