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The official distributor of DLA Naturals, Philippines
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2013-08-06 - DLA has released a new Marketing Plan!
Hooray! We've finally released a brand new Marketing Plan, which provides an even better opportunity for the Philippine independent multi-level distributors, like you are. Affordable entries Lower fees Bigger comissions Hurry up, the new opportunity awaits... more
2012-10-29 - Spirulina biomass is now available
DLA Naturals has released a new product called Spirulina Biomass, which is basically a frozen fresh harvest of Spirulina Platensis. It is sealed in aluminium containers and contains 1 kilo of spirulina, molded into cubes of about 31 grams. One such cube is good for one portion... more
2012-10-20 - Concept of DLA 2013 new year party
The DLA new year party is open to all distributors and guests. This celebration aims to bring unity and prosperity among all the distributors and prospect business partners nationwide. It is scheduled for 11 January 18:00, place to be announced. Guidelines... more
2012-09-21 Passed event - Our office in Novaliches is now open
The opening of this Dla Naturals center was headed by coach Rod Baillo as our upline. He encouraged people who already own centers to open up one office in the place that is convinient for everyone and is easy to reach. It was planned to open one office so that we will no longer need go... more
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Who are we?
We are a distributor of DLA Naturals, a large producer of spirulina and nutrition products in Philippines. We ensure a delivery to all countries for our customers, and provide a knowledge base for spirulina as well as the other company's products, marketing plan, news and events. ...learn more

DLA Naturals has a long experience in the wellness industry, and now offers an exclusive business opportunity for their distributors. Do you enjoy our products, and want to share them with your friends? Invite them to our network and start earning money! ...learn more