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Health Care:  Spirulina Platensis

Spirulina Platensis
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70 capsules x 500mg
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    General Information:

    Spirulina is a powerful tonic and immune stimlant. It improves immune function and enhances the body's ability to generate new blood cells, as well as accelerating regeneration. It produces a cleansing effect, improving the digestion and removing the accumulated toxins from our body. It also provides a range of nutrients and micro-elements which are commonly lacked in our everyday's food. As a result, consumption of spirulina leads to increased strength, helps to cope with the stress and resist the diseases. It is completely organic, and serves as a perfect source of your daily nutrients, maintaining your health everyday. Spirulina of DLA Naturals is fresh and very robust, and has been helping to cure even aggravated diseases, no wonder why our customers love it. And the most important aspect - the quality - is what we can always vouch and stand for.

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    Some of the Benefits:

    Improves immune function  Treats cancers 
    Protects from radiation  Cleanses and detoxifies 
    Improves digestion  Protects liver and kidneys 
    Heals the skin  Protects from viruses 
    Helps to treat cysts  Normalizes the blood sugar 
    Weight management  Increases strength 


    Unlike many producers of Spirulina, ours grow under an ideal climate with an average temperature of 30°C all year long. Our Spirulina is never stressed by high and low temperatures as in many other latitudes in the world and is harvested every single day of the year. DLA Naturals Spirulina is cultivated under green houses so no rain water, insects, and dust are affecting our quality. A truly dark blue-green color is the characteristic quality appearance of our Spirulina that has extremely high levels of pigments that contributes to its known health benefits. We pride ourselves to use only food grade ingredients for the proper cultivation of our Spirulina. Free from pesticides, preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Due to the economic demand, our ponds progressively expands to meet its current and future market supply. Our spirulina never go beyond two months in stock. To maintain a superior quality of spirulina, our current pond size are limited to 8,000 sq ft customized with green houses compared to the open-air spirulina pond giants. Slowly heated at a temperature regulated area, ensuring that nutrients are maintained at its maximum level.

    About production [Video]

    Our plantations [Photos]

    Recommended Dosage:

    Supplement facts

    • Infants below 3 y/o: 1 capsule per day mixed with food or drink.
    • Children 3-8 y/o: 2 capsules per day on empty stomach.
    • Persons 9-30 y/o: 4 capsules per day on empty stomach.
    • Persons above 30 y/o: 5-6 capsules per day on empty stomach.
    • Pregnant and lactating: 6-7 capsules per day with meal.